This is how you cancel out those excess Easter calories

Here’s how to get your diet back on track after the Easter eating blowout.

We have all been there — four chocolate bunnies, an unaccountable number of little solid eggs along with what seems like hundreds of Hot Cross Buns soaking in butter … and unfortunately a couple of extra kilos to go with it.

So is there any way you can negate the extra Easter calories from a diet and exercise perspective?

Maybe not every single one but you can make a serious dent in your recent calorie intake and negate at least some weight gain if you put your mind to it.

1. Drop the heavy meals

When you are loading up on calorie and sugar heavy chocolate, you are literally consuming thousands of calories. Now considering that we need just 1500-2000 calories per day, if you have overdosed the chocolate, you are only going to actually need small, low calories meals. Forget the pasta, rice and pizza at this time and if you are actually not hungry for a meal, it will not hurt you to miss one or two until you actually genuinely feel hungry again.

2. Consider a fast

More and more evidence is building to show that regular periods of low calorie eating offer a number of benefits for our metabolic health. This does not mean going for days and days without food or carbs, rather regular periods of low calorie (600-800 calorie) eating. As such, resorting to a day or two of a low calorie diet after any period of extreme overeating is an easy way to give your metabolism the boost it needs after a period of excessive consumption. A low calorie day would include an egg and coffee for breakfast and a light dinner of 100g fish and vegetables.

3. Focus on low calorie foods

Broth and vegetable based soups, salads along with white fish, prawns, vegetables and berries are all nutrient rich foods that contain very few calories. A period of overeating high fat and high sugar chocolate has most likely flooded the muscles with plenty of extra energy. In an attempt to buffer this, focusing your meals around salad and vegetables will get your diet back on track in no time.

4. Move, move, move

Extra calories do not present an issue as long as you burn them off. This means that you need to take advantage of the Easter holiday days and move, a lot. This does not mean a stroll around the park with the dog, rather it means clocking up a serious number of steps as well as exercising while you have the extra time. Aim for at least 10000 steps each day as well as 30-60 minutes of exercise when your heart rate is elevated. If you consider that a small chocolate bunny contains 600-800 calories, or an hour of high intensity exercise, you can see how much exercise it is going to take to burn some of your Easter indulgences off.

5. Get rid of the treats

Once Easter has come and gone it is time to get the chocolate, show bags and Easter buns out of the house, as if they are there, you will eat them. One of the biggest issues when it comes to big celebrations is that the eating goes on for weeks after the actual event. You can only eat so much chocolate in a couple of days, so once Easter is over get rid of it and you will be back to your usual weight in no time.

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