The Possibilities of Dieting Without the Exercise

Are you wondering if it is possible to lose weight effectively without having to exercise? Before we answer the question, we need to look at the different types of exercise first. Exercise can be strenuous, moderate or mild. It is obvious that a mild form of exercise will not burn as many calories as a strenuous exercise.

There are many daily tasks in our life that can be categorised into any of these three categories. You may be exercising each and every day and not even realize that you are exercising. You probably thinking right now that you don’t do any at all, and you don’t want to do any either. All you want to do is start your weight loss plan as simple as possible and watch what you eat, but not to go down to the gym or go and play sport. Maybe you don’t have time, or you simply can’t stand running or lifting weights.

A mild form of exercising that you may partake in on a daily basis could be walking to work or to the shops. In fact, any type of walking whether it is eve around the shopping mall is a mild form, and you will burn a certain amount of calories doing this. By climbing stairs, playing with your children, doing the house work or perhaps DIY jobs, you are doing some form of exercise. All of these help to burn calories, and if you are also restricting your calorie intake on your diet, then all these tasks will help you to lose weight. Doing more vigorous routines such as a fast pace walk, jogging or cycling can be categorized under moderate or strenuous exercise.

So, lets get back to the original question. Can you lose weight effectively without exercise? The answer to that is simply no. You already exercise even without thinking about it. Your daily tasks and home and work are a form of exercise, and your body needs these daily routines to burn calories. If you sat on the couch or in bed and doing do anything at all for a long time, you will certainly add on the pounds, unless your diet was very restrictive.

You don’t have to go to the gym or run or even cycle every day to increase your fitness level. If it is something that you do not enjoy, then try to walk more. Increasing the amount of time you walk and the intensity level is a great way of getting your heart pumping. Try to walk at least 3 times every week for at least 30 minutes. Doing this and following a sensible diet plan, you will lose weight and keep the off the pounds.

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