Best Way to Drink Green Tea For Weight Loss

The world at large has experienced a new awakening to the benefits of green tea. Amongst the various health benefits that this wonderful drink of nature has is its ability to enhance the weight loss process.

Authentic green tea works to enhance the metabolism in the body. The various beneficial substances in green tea stimulate the process known as thermogenesis. This in turn helps to expend more energy as a result of which more calories are lost.

With a wave of scientific tests being conducted on the medicinal properties of green tea the world has now been assured that it is indeed a super drink with multiple benefits. From preventing the development of various cancers and blood clots to enhancing the process of weight loss green tea is being used for various purposes today.

Many people are not very amused by the taste of green tea when they first try it for weight loss. But then again green tea is not meant to be something you take for leisure. You need to take it as a medicine and according to the way that is best for your desired purpose.

The guidelines

The first and foremost don’t is not to add sugar. The addition of sugar greatly diminishes the effects of green tea hence making it useless for the person looking to lose weight at good speed. Furthermore green tea does not taste very good with sugar as it is.

What you can do is add natural sugar instead. You can get a packet of passion fruit and pour in a couple of tea spoons of passion fruit into your green tea. You can even make use of honey to sweeten green tea but nothing compares to the taste with passion fruit.

Another thing that you need to make sure is that you stir it very thoroughly. So much so that the sweetness completely embodies it self in the tea otherwise the tea is likely to retain its bitter taste to a certain extent.

Many people prefer to have iced green tea. You can cool down your green tea by adding some ice and enjoy the drink while it works wonders on your body.

Although one can manage the taste of green tea indeed some people fall in love with it, however if you cant bear the taste then you do have an alternative. This alternative comes in the shape of diet pills.

One thing that you need to exercise caution with is selecting the green tea. Due to the immense popularity of green tea in recent years you will find many shady companies trying to capitalize on the trend by selling tea that looks like green tea but it that isn’t quite the case.

Therefore you should always go for a brand that is trusted for producing good quality green tea with a minimum use of chemicals. Chinese companies are far more trustworthy than the local ones as they provide you with real green tea.

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