An Easy 10 Step Weight Loss Plan

Understand that in the process of losing weight, it’s NOT a miracle. There are no pills, which themselves make you drop weight. The only possibility to eliminate excess fat in a healthy manner and maintain long-term effect is to change your lifestyle. It would be a joke if I said that you can lose weight simply by swallowing a pill. To get rid of excess weight you want to lose and say goodbye to them permanently, you need to do some work. We are happy to show you the tools necessary to make lifestyle changes for the new you.

Yes, there are specific dietary supplements that, in fact, support the process of weight control in combination with a healthy lifestyle. For this purpose, a diet plan was developed by Brian Flatt. These diet plans are designed to reduce appetite, reduce cravings and boost fat metabolism. These are used to support comprehensive lifestyle changes and a new, healthy foods, which may ultimately change you forever.

So here we go:

  1. Eat more foods

I want you to eat more food, not less, provided that you eat all the good foods. If you visit this website, you will have access to: regulations, plans and sizeable list of daily food Healthy Food section. This will help you realize which foods are good for your diet and give you ideas for recipes. You can also take advantage of the bestseller 3 week diet system to help you get all support you need to lose weight.

Good foods contain a lot of raw and lightly steamed vegetables, sprouts, seeds , fruits, nuts , grains , beans, pods, pulses , protein-rich foods such as tofu , broiled or boiled fish and organic white meat.

My results speak for themselves. Currently I do not recommend anyone conventional or temporary diet. This type of diet: counting calories or limiting carbohydrates do not work in the long term; they are only short-term solutions. I am opposed to restrictive diets. This type of diet can slow the metabolic rate so your body can accumulate fat rather than get rid of it.

The best way to lose weight is to join my new healthy lifestyle by eating more of the good foods. You ensure that your body all the nutrients it needs to burn fat more efficiently and to balance metabolism. When you eat more good foods, automatically less craving bad foods, because the body is properly nourished. My Slimming Diet is a lifestyle change that you make on the rest of your life. My plan works wonders in the long term.

  1. A PEACEFUL Digestion

Please do not ever eat when you’re stressed out, angry, sad or immediately after an argument. Best to wait until you calm down. When you are relaxed, digestion is better. Through this you give yourself the best conditions of assimilation and absorption of nutrients from food.

  1. Rumination

Does not absorb, not simply swallow their food. The process of digestion begins in the mouth. Properly chewed food to provide more nutrients. So chew foods in their mouth until they turn into a liquid before swallowing.


After waking up in the morning, squeeze a fresh lemon into a cup of hot water and drink it when enough. This will help in burning fats, digestive enzymes start and encourage them to clean the intestines.


You should himself serve itself by performing my body’s detoxification in 24 hours (24 Hour Detox). It takes only one day, so no excuses. Follow my complete formula of using sachets body’s detoxification in 24 hours. My patients rave about it. Detoxification The body in 24 hours is pure, natural, safe, and gives great results. I must say that in all my many years of clinical practice, I have not seen such a dramatic effect as when my body’s detoxification in 24 hours.

Best to incorporate in the day detoxification fresh, raw vegetables, raw vegetable juices, raw fruits, salads, soups and broths. Read the chapter in the 3 week diet book about detoxification. You are what you eat and follow the instructions for the day detox.


I always say that you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper. It simply means that the best to eat more for breakfast and lunch or in earlier times of the day and less at dinner and later in the day.

  1. AVOID THE ORGANISM cluttering

Alcohol, sugar, sweets, cakes, cookies, salt and caffeine (tea and coffee) as well as processed foods containing chemicals, additives and preservatives should be eliminated or reduced in consumption. Such foods are low in nutrients and / or high in calories. Please limit your intake of cow’s milk and red meat during this time. I am aware that section “foods to avoid” may not be too popular, but I want the best for you. I know how much they cost such changes, so please – cooperate with me.

  1. WATER

Drink eight glasses of water a day, about 1 to 2 liters. Water purifies and improves liver function. If the liver is functioning efficiently breaks down fat more efficiently. Water naturally suppresses appetite and acts as an organic medium energizing. But please drink water at an interval of at least 15 minutes of eating, which thins no digestive enzymes in the stomach. Drink herbal teas such as nettle and   dandelion.

  1. THE Exercise

Exercise daily: there’s no way to avoid it. Besides, why would / should you avoid it? Physical movement is the most natural activity in total harmony with the human body. But the physical movement must be mandatory. This can be a pleasure, antics and fun. For example – you can dance to the music of 10 minutes each day. Get a mini-trampoline and jumping like crazy! Walk, where you can and whenever you can. Let cycling becomes your passion. Tennis, kick-boxing, aerobics, swimming – each of these is a great idea. Anything that makes you move every day for permanent and regular basis will be good. If it’s fun – it’s even better.


If you want to lose weight, you should select foods properly, at least for part of the time. The most important of the information here is to eat the fruit of the same, with at least 30 minutes apart among the other food groups. Eat animal proteins (such as meat, poultry, fish or turkey) with vegetables only. See 3 week diet reviews to get further information about formal weight loss methods to burn unwanted fat from the body.