I lost 15kgs in 12 weeks without giving up carbs

“To the rest of the world I was a happy individual but behind closed doors I really disliked my physical self.”

Tania Verbs was and at odds with her body given some recent weight gain.

“I was disgusted looking at myself in the mirror in the morning. Walking past windows was shameful as I looked at my reflection, but the worst was feeling my stomach wobble no matter what I did.

“I have a weird body shape and all the weight I had, I was carrying around my stomach and bum which really didn’t help my confidence!” Tania told myBody+Soul.

At her lowest point, the blonde saw a friend’s weight loss before and afters on social media and decided to try the same program in the hopes of regaining some of her self esteem.

Now, 15 kilograms lighter, Tania says she’s “never looked back”.

Taking on the six-week program initially had it’s hurdles, including some strenuous exercises and taking the time to plan meals but that hasn’t stopped Tania from continuing with the program and is now into her third round.

“I spent 9 weeks doing DICED by Varlah, 6 days a week, then I slowed down and committed 2-3 days a week for another 5 weeks after that which is where I’m currently up to.”

“As soon as people started telling me I looked lean, I slowed the program right down,” she revealed, adding: “As soon as I was happy with my weight I made sure I indulged a bit in junk food as the workouts were that intense I didn’t want to look too thin either”.

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Having never been one to cook and eating plenty of takeaway, Tania says she was surprised by how much you could do with proteins like chicken, eggs and salmon. But the best bit was not having to give up the breads and pastas.

“Salads became better than fast food and I never had to give up carbs…Soon enough I was craving those meals as much as I did fast food in my previous, unhealthy life,” she admitted, adding that giving up alcohol altogether was a big help too.

Cooking wasn’t the only thing Tania avoided previously – with exercise not really a part of her routine, other than lifting a heavy camera bag at work.

However, seeing the results was motivation enough to get out of bed and workout but the camerawoman admits she struggled to do the full 45-minute workout at first, leaving her feeling deflated.

“In my mind, I thought I was failing if I didn’t do the full 40-45 minutes,” she said.

“To be honest it wasn’t until into my second round that I could pull through a full workout, that’s how challenging these are. The best thing about that is it shows that even if you only accomplish 20 minutes of the workout a day, you will still see amazing results.”

Having completely overhauled her life, Tania is in a much better place and in her relationship with her body is better than ever.

“The best thing was that I could get fitter, leaner and tone up not because of supplements I was taking, but because of exercise, diet and a strong mindset.”

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New online tool tells you if you’re really hungry

It’s called the Hunger Quotient and it can help you lose weight and stop overeating.

Some days your berry yoghurt bowl, and coffee does the trick, taking you through to lunch. Other days, you’d give up your unborn child just for that satisfying feeling of fullness and a break from thinking about food.

Yep, in the world of healthy sustainable eating, figuring out how much to eat to reach your goal is just as important as choosing what to eat.

It can be tricky, though. When you don’t have hard numbers or definitive meal plans to guide you, how are you supposed to know for sure whether you’re eating the right amount?

Meet the Hunger Quotient, a game changing tool devised by registered dietitian Keri Glassman that makes it easy to figure out exactly how much you should eat—and when it’s time to have a kitchen hiatus.

“It will be one of your greatest nutrition tools in your knowledge base (regardless of the food you eat) and get you closer to the healthy eater you were meant to be,” writes Glassman on her blog Nutritious Life.

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Basically, your Hunger Quotient is a number on a scale from 1-10 that helps you rate how hungry you are. By using it, you can figure out what your appetite is at any given moment. A 10 on the HQ scale means that you’re famished and ready to pass out. A 1 means that you’re so stuffed, you’re swearing off solids for the next 24 hours.

“As an adult, you eat for so many reasons other than true hunger, and sometimes you eat without any hunger,” Glassman writes. “Stress, your previous meal experiences, emotions and hundreds of other factors influence your appetite.”

What the scale provides is a tangible way to eat mindfully, without counting calories – and you can use it any time. If you’re in the mood for food, your HQ can tell you whether you’re actually hungry or wanting to eat out of boredom or stress. Rating your HQ while you eat can also help you know when you’ve had enough.

Glassman reckons you always want your HQ to be between a 4 and a 6. “When you are at a 4, slightly satisfied, you are “just right” because you have eaten just enough to feel content without needing to loosen your belt or take a nap,” she writes.

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